We help healthcare sector entities select, implement and integrate emerging technologies with legacy platforms and innovate through the use of new models and technologies. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning models and software, data analytics, insight extraction, neural networks and emerging tools helps improve operations and efficiencies in hospitals, develop new therapies, drugs, and medical devices.  Innovation in health sciences explores a broader context, examining previously underdeveloped opportunities in areas such as data analytics, automation, sensing, equipment, drugs and patient tracking,  consumer behavior analysis, provider incentives, and process improvement in care and services delivery.


Our team has years of experience helping aviation leaders and airlines create consumer choice, implement service innovation, find operational efficiency and leverage emerging drivers of efficiency and competition in the international aviation and airline industry.  Properly implemented technology, together with improved business and IT alignment and effective training provide part of the answer.

Aerospace and defence

The defence industry has traditionally been dominated by legacy strategies, methods and often non-collaborative technologies. However, modern armies, security organizations and critical defence entities are becoming more reliant on modern secure collaboration and communication methods to enable true information dominance, improved security and better affordability.  We assist our clients to assess, select and apply new information forces, cybersecurity, cryptology/SIGINT, electronic warfare, visual analytics, data sciences, automation, information operations, intelligence, networks, force management and space disciplines to address emerging local and international threats. 

Retail and eCommerce

We help our clients assess, develop and implement unique strategies to address today’s rapidly evolving digital marketing and retail landscape.  Currently, disruptive challenges threaten traditional retailers, moving the ability to search, select and purchase directly to consumers, who demand new, simple, mobile and effective methods to shop and enjoy their (often online) retail experiences. We help our retail clients understand the forces of change, redefine the role of the brick and mortar store, and develop effective capabilities to succeed in this environment, ensure growth and reduce and/or eliminating costs.

Energy and Mining

In a technology and data-enabled world, in which success and failure depends on our ability to extract efficiencies and productivity from the information we collect at our operations, we help clients see the evolution in traditional mining practices.  The result is legacy mining and energy companies turning into knowledge-based entities that use data analysis, mobility, IOT and advanced technology to optimize the extraction of metals and raw materials.

Smart Cities and Intelligent Infrastructure

Urban development of the future integrates information and communication technology (ICT), Internet of things (IoT) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovative systems for transportation, communications and management to address modern needs.  From mission-critical facilities, including telecom hotels, carrier hotels, carrier hubs, co-location centers, co-hotels, data centers, cyber centers or server farms, to smart city infrastructure, next gen transportation and communications, we help our clients address human, businesses and technological aspects of each project.

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Education and Training

Our executive education and training work focuses on results: helping clients succeed by equipping and empowering top-performing executives, managers and key employees to realize their potential for business and technical roles.  Training includes: big data, analytics, governance, privacy, cyber security, risk management, cloud, mobility, digital supply chain, digital communications and social media, strategy, international trade and others.  Education and training is provided directly or in partnership with leading Canadian universities. 

Finance Sector

We deliver solutions for the financial management, insurance and investment sector, helping unravel the complexities of corporate financial management, analytics, fintech, mobile payments, emerging instruments and customer engagement needs. They include emerging tools for decision-making, analyzing and valuing deals, understanding the multidimensional challenges of mergers and acquisitions or enhancing corporate finance and accounting practices, leading to improved business performance.


We help manufacturing clients leverage software, data and connectivity and transform operations into digital factories, creating a sustainable competitive advantage.  Advanced manufacturing operations are more adaptive, productive and capable of delivering rapid innovation through industrial software, IOT devices, intelligent integration and analytics to help make smarter decisions, deliver better products, and reduce quality issues.  Intelligent automation delivered via sensors, controllers and robotics, and real-time information to continuously feed a highly skilled workforce is the only way for manufacturers to remain competitive.

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