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ABC LIVE Corporation is a global management and technology consulting firm working with leading businesses, public sector entities, academic partners, and not-for-profit organizations in Canada, USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia and China.  We help our clients develop strategy, plan their operations, improve performance, realize their most important goals, and excel through the pragmatic application of:

Leadership, Innovation, Vision and Execution (LIVE).

Services provided globally in multiple languages.
Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Our team of senior business executives have proven experience addressing complex business issues, leading cross-functional teams, managing strategic partnerships and achieving exceptional financial results.  We are ready to help you develop or formalize your vision, strategy, plans and guide execution.  

IT Consulting
Information Technology Consulting

We are global leaders in digital transformation, big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and evolutionary computation methods and programming. We believe that technology can and should be used to transform your industry if it offers a clear ROI. We provide consulting, strategy development, code development, project management, planning, governance and implementation.

Investments and M&A services
Investments and M&A

Our organization has solid expertise helping clients address investment needs and objectives, improve their odds of successful Merger and Acquisitions, provide needed management expertise and a proven approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.

Digital and Social Media Communications
Digital & Social Media Communications

A local and international team provides social media design, digital advertising, internal/external communications and data analytics, with extensive experience designing, publishing, analyzing content for insights, and helping large enterprises, SMBs, public sector, non-profit, and educational organizations react to market trends. 

Global Markets, Export and Finance
Global Markets, Exports and Finance

Our team has the right combination of international business development expertise, trade and foreign affairs experience, together with the practical understanding of global markets needs and cultural nuances realities can help you identify and penetrate global markets, arrange export financing, and minimize risk. 

Executive Education and Training
Executive Education and Training

We create and deliver comprehensive leadership education programs, covering multiple topics of current relevance and direct link to your corporate objectives. Programs include corporate strategy, corporate transformation, data and AI governance, data science, emerging technologies, corporate entrepreneurship, GR, PR, media relations, risk management, privacy and cyber security.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

You probably know about the increasing need to understand how artificial intelligence, machine learning, evolutionary computation, real-time data, visual analytics, and other emerging technology tools could improve performance, reduce costs, decrease risks, improve security, and increase effectiveness. We help you assess, select, implement and manage this new world.

Data Science and Analytics
Data science/analytics

Our experts help you optimize the creation, access and sharing of data assets, so you can make faster decisions with direct and proven benefits to your organization.  Improved use of information, historical, real-time and predictive translates into more efficient work, profits, cost savings, and trust. We help you capitalize on the value of data you already have, plus data available to help improve the way you do things.

Market Research and Customer Understanding
Market research and customer understanding 
Government Relations, PR and Communications
Government Relations and Communications

Understanding and determining how satisfied your customers are are essential aspects of your business, critical for the long-term health of your organization. We help you understand your existing and target customers, assess key competitors, track customer satisfaction, identify areas of improvement, and refine your strategies over time to ensure alignment with corporate objectives and good return on investments.

We specialize in corporate communications, reputation management, government relations, lobbying and advocacy program development, execution and management. With over 35 years of experience in the field, we have served clients in multiple sectors, including finance, retail, technology, education, healthcare, bioscience, infrastructure, energy, environment, government, non-profit and others.

ABC Live Corporation

41 Lesmill Road

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 2T3

+1 (437) 886-5169 -

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