We have provided advice, opportunity assessments, international market expansion studies, business plan development, marketing studies, feasibility studies, hands-on operational management and functional consulting, combining deep industry expertise, market demand understanding and extensive ability to execute. Our value includes a proven set of expertise, tools, solutions, and diversified talents, including consulting services, strategy development, marketing, sales, demand insights and proven experience. Our capabilities include international market development, export financing, international legal agreements, risk management, project management, Private-Public Partnerships, and executive education/training.


Our senior consultants, technologists, engineers and software developers are able to develop complex algorithms, rapid prototypes, deploy packaged and cloud-based solutions, integrate software and applications and provide recommendations to help clients’ existing technology platforms benefit from emerging artificial intelligence methods and languages, augmented reality, blockchain-based platforms, automation, data sciences strategies and tools. We use our expertise and experience in the fields of data sciences, predictive,  AI software development, visual analytics, cybersecurity, automation, cloud, mobility, and sensing to assist our clients achieve their goals.


In addition to helping you assess and determine the right business applications for AI and CC, we will help plan, align, implement and support their deployment. From developing deep learning and evolutionary computation business models, intelligent algorithms based on machine learning models, visual/voice analytics-based automation, static/real-time data acquisition, neural networks, self-learning and other emerging applications to help you develop intelligent, contextually aware and practical automation processes.


Design, construction, operation and support of next generation mission-critical facilities requires attention to detail, flexibility and the ability to address important economic realities. We help our clients understand demand, develop realistic capacity plans and growth strategies, address cost and energy effective support systems, re-evaluate mechanical, electrical and network systems to ensure reliable and flexible systems that can minimizing the financial impact.



We provide teams of data scientists and analytics experts to help our clients build and maintain advanced data models, develop infrastructure and multi-site data strategies, create specialized data lakes, data extraction technics, insight extraction models, and customize open source and packaged solutions to allow clients generate business insights and make better, faster decisions.  Both proven and emerging tools, techniques, and methods for insight extraction, data visualization, AI-applications input feed, and storytelling.


We leverage proven and emerging technologies and methods to help our clients communicate effectively, understand their audiences and buyers, and anticipate future needs and market demands. Our people both create and pilot new capabilities and tools, and leverage proven multi-media, mobile and digital methodologies.