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Helping make change happen

We help you by leveraging our experience, the ability to understand your priorities and a well-honed understanding of critical business transformation demands to help assess, understand and apply meaningful innovation and manage change. By combining your vision, our insights, effective tools and hands-on support, we help you achieve your key goals and aspirations, addressing emerging issues and overcoming obstacles.

Management consulting

Business Meeting

We focus on helping you achieve your business objectives, leveraging our skills, experience and insights.  You will observe the results of unbiased advice and work, and move forward with confidence in areas related to strategy, planning, marketing, sales, operational execution, investments, diversification, governance, policy, risk management,  privacy, or security. Particularly in areas related to emerging technologies, complex new business models and globalization. 

Man with Laptop

Digital transformation

Our team will help you identify and take advantage of advancements in digital platforms, tools and new technology. With deep business and industry insights in digital innovation, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, evolutionary computation, augmented reality, blockchain, cloud, mobility, internet of things, networks, digital supply chain, sensing, advanced manufacturing & other key emerging areas, we will help accelerate a positive impact on your business.

Modern communications

Two Computer Screens

Many years of hands-on experience help our consultants, copywriters, researchers, digital designers, shape the counsel we provide our clients, helping them develop better insights and improve communications. We provide expert assistance to help explore, create and use digital tools, social media practices, story-telling and visualization tools to help institutional investors, financial entities, retailers, sports/education organizations, and business media.

Facilitating market understanding and effective data and AI governance 

We help you understand what is here now, what compliance requirements exist, what is just hype, what is coming, and how it can be used to help you achieve your objectives, avoid unnecessary risks, and understand the direct or indirect implications to your organization, markets, clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty

Investment Chart

Successful customer understanding is essential to your organization and our economy. Reliable, relevant, actionable information can be obtained by applying scientific principles together with human-understanding methods, proven feedback tools and qualified experts. We help clients create, use and analyze feedback data, including effective surveys, sampling methods, reliability and validity measurement and data analytics. 

Data/AI governance and ethical management


All organizations manage data, albeit many do it very poorly. Data governance should be an intrinsic, core, non-optional aspect of a modern organizations' capabilities. As data science, analytics, predictability, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing increase, the importance of data governance and ethical use of data has never been clearer. We help you develop, implement and maintain data governance programs.

Digital assets protection/ cybersecurity

Security Guard

Global realities (large/complex amounts of distributed sensitive and personal information, multiple jurisdictions and compliance needs) demand innovative views, practices and tools. We understand and help you deal with dangerous emerging practices and technologies, IoT, network-connected devices, mobility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. And we understand internal “people” issues (i.e. the emergence of “insider bandits”, poor employee reaction to security training, etc.)

Leveraging our relationships and trust

We do for your organization what often you cannot do by yourself. Tapping into essential knowledge about legislative processes, accessing public sector influencers and decision-makers, explaining matters in terms people who know and trust us can understand and support, we enhance your organization's value.

Government Relations and Lobbying


Decision-makers listen to people they trust. We put our relationships to work for our clients, providing value for organizations, public sector influencers and decision-makers. Our ability to examine, document, explain and provide clear, factual, vetted information about our clients' value proposition results in reduced risk. By providing snapshots of the political landscape surrounding a particular issue, special need or compliance requirement, leveraging relationships with staff, agency heads and other key decision-makers, we deliver important linkages that your organization may lack.

Communications and Public Relations

Comm and PR.jfif

Utilizing our services to augment your team or deliver professional external PR and communications services has clear value, including expertise, contacts, results and cost advantages. From assisting in selecting the right contacts and approaches, to providing expert third-party guidance, development, tactics, delivery and oversight, we can deliver immediate results worth your investment. Ranging from strategy development to execution and management, we provide expert services in press releases, media relations, speaking engagements, product/service positioning

and marketing.

Strategic Alliances and Relationships


In today's global environment, success often results from developing and sustaining effective, trusted, mutually beneficial alliances, partnerships and relationships. We have years of proven experience developing, sustaining and enhancing strategic alliances and relationships in corporate, academic, government and non-profit sectors. Well-developed and maintained global experience, current contacts and key relationships provide unique capabilities helping our clients create, sustain, or grow important linkages with key partners.

Helping teams become more effective

We help Boards of Directors, C-level executives, senior managers and team members become effective at identifying, reacting to, and implementing new business methods, technologies, strategies and execution plans to address new market demands, change and growth.

International trade and globalization advice

We think and are global in scope, helping companies who are considering buying or selling products or services in foreign markets. Our senior partners and consultants' extensive experience helps you evaluate options, overcome cultural and language barriers, address compliance matters, trade regulations and legal agreements.

Investments and M&A

We specialize in analyzing and advising global mergers and acquisitions efforts, providing timely consulting and investment assessment to help identify growth potential and world-class business performance requirements/compliance. We can partner to successfully pursue growth strategies and deliver measurable results, and/or help identify objectives, synergies and growth opportunities and third-party capital sources.

Education and training

Successful companies are recognized by a high human capital to financial capital ratio, and the ability to generate value through well-prepared human resources. We help clients gain an edge in today’s competitive marketplace, developing talented, motivated executives, managers and key employees, helping with exceptional client service, business, technical skills, leading to a strong corporate culture. We are highly specialized in the creation and delivery of effective virtual education and training.

Digital Marketing

Modern corporations require various capabilities and skills to succeed in digital marketing and sales in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Creative Work

Digital Advertising and Marketing

  • Our digital advertising and marketing services include providing consulting expertise to help with your strategy or tactical campaign,  or education and training to help your teams run effective digital ad campaigns. Sharing our knowledge and experiences related to marketing strategy, targeting, retargeting, audience segmentation, and optimizing ad performance can add valuable skills to your teams.

Droid Commander

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  • Our expertise with with AI and ML technologies and tools allow us to help you use them effectively within your digital marketing strategy or tactical campaigns. Alternatively, we can provide customized education and training to help your teams develop skills to extract perceptions, understandings, and leverage data-driven insights, using predictive analytics, chatbots, and personalization algorithms to enhance marketing campaigns and customer experience.

Image by Andrea De Santis

Generative AI Marketing Applications

  • Generative AI tools and technology, together with appropriate human oversight and validation, can help you create original content such as text, images, videos, logic, presentations, and other communications elements. We can help you apply Generative AI's highly beneficial capabilities to you digital marketing strategy or tactics, or help your company by providing education and training on the subject to your marketing teams.

Digital Advertising and Marketing Areas

  • Content Marketing

    • We provide or help you develop the ability to create compelling and engaging content across multiple channels (blogs, social media, videos, podcasts, etc.), an essential component of modern digital strategy. Skills in storytelling, copywriting, content strategy, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are imperative, and we can provide them to you or help you develop them. Expertise can be applied across various platforms (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads), which is essential for effective modern communications.

  • Social Media Management

    • Proficiency in developing a social media strategy, managing social media accounts, understanding modern platforms, creating engaging social media campaigns, and monitoring social media trends and conversations is crucial for building and maintaining a brand's online presence.

  • Influencer Marketing

    • Creating strategic partnerships and understanding how to leverage influencer partners to expand brand reach and engagement is a valuable skill. Identifying suitable influencers, negotiating alliances, managing campaigns, and measuring the impact of influencer collaborations.

  • Marketing Automation

    • Knowledge of marketing automation platforms and tools enables marketers to streamline and optimize their processes, including email marketing, lead generation and management, customer segmentation, and personalized messaging.

  • Customer Experience and Journey Mapping

    • Understanding and optimizing the customer journey across various touchpoints is essential. Skills in customer experience mapping, customer feedback analysis, and implementing strategies to enhance customer satisfaction are critical in modern markets.

  • Mobile Marketing

    • With the increasing use of mobile devices, corporations need professionals to develop effective mobile marketing strategies, including mobile app marketing, mobile advertising, creating applicable apps, and mobile-responsive website design.

  • E-commerce and Conversion Optimization

    • Knowledge of e-commerce platforms, user experience optimization, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and split testing enables companies to maximize their online sales and improve the overall customer journey.

  • Data Analysis and Insights

    • Proficiency in using modern tools, analyzing and interpreting data is crucial for making informed marketing decisions. The capability includes understanding analytics tools, cloud-based analytics, data visualization, and the ability to derive actionable insights from large datasets.

  • Storytelling

    • Storytelling involves crafting and delivering a narrative that captivates and engages audiences. Storytelling effectively conveys a brand's message, values, and personality through a compelling and relatable story. It taps into emotions and creates a deeper connection with customers, making the brand more memorable and meaningful.

  • Visualization

    • Visualization refers to using visual elements, such as images, infographics, charts, and videos, to present visually appealing and easily understandable information. It helps simplify complex concepts, communicate messages effectively, and enhance user experience, especially when customized to relate to the user's field of understanding or expertise.

The power of Generative AI

  • Potential applications ad benefits of Generative AI with digital marketing include:​

    • Delivering personalized experiences to customers based on individual preferences and behaviour, such as insights from data obtained in real time from response engines.

    • Providing automated customer support, answering queries, making recommendations, and guiding users through the sales funnel.

    • Analyzing vast amounts of data in near real time, such as social media conversations, customer reviews, and market trends, to extract valuable insights. Marketers can use these insights to understand consumer preferences, sentiment, and behaviour, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies and deliver more targeted campaigns.

    • AI algorithms can generate personalized visuals to be used I social media posts, help design product mock-ups, and even create custom videos based on user preferences, streamlining the creative process.

    • Generative AI models can analyze historical data and patterns to make predictions about customer behavior, market trends, and campaign outcomes. Marketers can leverage these predictions to make informed decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and allocate resources effectively.

    • Content generation, creating high-quality and engaging content at scale, automatically generating blog posts, social media captions, email newsletters, and other types of content based on predefined parameters, saving time and effort in content creation.

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