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Aerospace and defence

Innovation and transformation of aerospace and defence models, practices and applications to respond to modern global needs and demands.

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Innovation in the aviation and airline business can lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs, better travel experiences and overall security.

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Energy and Mining

Innovation in the mining and energy sectors is required to provide profitable, adaptable, relevant but responsible services to a growing global economy.

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Healthcare innovation leads to improved operational efficiency and patient care, from effective, relevant, trusted tele-medicine platforms, modern tools and practices to modern, adaptable practitioners and support personnel .

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Long term healthcare facilities

Millions will need long-term care services in the near future. Current systems, programs, methods and practices are proving to be inefficient and ineffective to address the demand.

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Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce in the 21st century demands new and adaptive strategies, capabilities and support technologies.

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Smart Cities and Intelligent Infrastructure

The future of cities and infrastructure demands transformation in the way we think, build, maintain and grow.

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